frequently asked questions

Where is your studio?

Located right in the heart of Hollywood at 6546 Hollywood Blvd  Los Angeles., CA 90028. Close to the corner Hollywood and Cahuenga.

What's the turnaround for my session?

You'll see your entire session within 1 to 2 business days. My edited top choice is typically sent within 24 hours but more than often it's sent the same night of the shoot. 

Do I get all my pics and how are they sent?

Yes, you receive all your photos. There's an option of having an Argentum online preview gallery. Clients typically like this because it not only allows them to easily preview all their pics, create a favorites list, but they can also email the link to their agents/managers or whomever else they like.  You also receive all your high resolution pics sent to you via "hightail"(formerly yousendit) which you do not need to have an account for. 

What if I get an audition the day of my shoot? Will I lose my deposit?

Yes you will lose your deposit. Cancelations are extremely difficult for our schedules. There's a 3 business day cancellation policy. We ask that you book yourself out in advance with your agents, managers, or anything else that may potentially conflict with your shoot. 

Can I do my own hair and makeup?

I strongly advise against this even if you're a professional makeup artist. I work with extremely talented people with whom I've established a long working relationship. Their assistance/brilliance is the reason your pictures will look professional. Using my makeup artist concentrate on you and have you hold poses while I have them move your hair around according to the frame I'm shooting. My makeup artists are all extremely friendly people and we are here to not only guide you but more importantly to listen to you so you are ecstatic with the results...and they stay for the entire session!

Do your makeup people do hair as well?

Yes. However it's not a hair salon appointment so for the sake of time we ask that you show up with your hair ready and from there they will get your hair camera ready and I'll have them shape and move it throughout the session. 

How long do shoots typically take?

It depends. Women take about 3 hours and men about 2 hours. I can promise you that I'll be more into and excited about your shoot than you so you may have to tell me to stop.

What constitutes a look?

A look is a clothing change. Adding a jacket or a tie is not an additional look. 

Will you be directing me in the session?

Yes, most definitely. I'm extremely hands-on. Making sure we are not only covering great angles, but that the energy of any given look we're working on is presenting appropriately. I began my career as a casting director and I enjoy guiding actors throughout the session. One of the biggest thrills for me is to also find the best possible you in a shot. 

Natural light or Studio light and are we indoors or out?

I shoot primarily natural light but occasionally use some studio light on certain days. This is the main reason I got into photography and I truly love shaping gorgeous light around peoples faces. All of your original photos should look stunning so that when you or your agent looks at your session, you not only look great but you won't have to imagine what your pics will look like after they're edited.

Do you do reshoots?

No we don't but we do preview in large scale format throughout the session to ensure we're getting exactly what you need. 

What's your working environment style?

It's extremely important to me that you feel relaxed, confident , and that you feel completely free to speak your mind. We create a very positive and  friendly working environment.  I love to work and so do my makeup artists so the energy is always positive. 

Can I bring my own music?

YES. It's your day and we want you to feel as good as you can.