What clients have to say!

"Brian's work is next level and was a game changer for me. I walked with a ton of choices that I felt proud to put out to casting directors. He cares about what he does and truly knows how to get the best out of you. You get a pro when you book with BP". Jay Hayden (star of ABC's Station 19)

"I have been a commercial actress for 15 years and done over a 100 national commercials. In that time, Ive worked with many different headshot photographers. I can honestly say, the shots Brian took of me are not only my favorite, but my agents' as well! He makes you feel comfortable, uses great lighting, and most importantly- takes great photos that will get you auditions."                 Rachelle Wood

"Brian is a true artist and knows just how to capture you in photographs that will finally actually work for you. The response I've received from my headshots allowed me to get a great agent, auditions and my career has definitely positively benefited. Brian is professional and probably the most relaxed I've ever been during a shoot. He also has such great knowledge of the industry that he knows exactly how to capture you and gives you a product that works, I highly recommend him to any actor who is serious about their career and appreciates the importance of putting your best foot (face) forward."           Konima Parkinson-jones

"After nearly two decades in the industry, I've learned firsthand the power of having a solid headshot. Working with Brian was such a treat. His ability to capture through an incredibly insightful, skilled & honest way was a real joy to partake in. He went above & beyond, exceeding my expectations & giving me the encouragement I needed to make a big decision about changing my look. His background as a casting director was incredibly instrumental when it came to trusting him with knowing what agents & clients would respond to. He was very open to discussing each setup & was direct with his feedback. His hair & make up was the icing on the cake. She's a true gem; totally knows her craft & was as meticulous as you'd hope. (She even offered her contact information if I had further questions about her styling techniques or products she used). Between these two, I am delighted with the entire experience & more importantly, each of my agents are thrilled with the new headshots. Thank you, Brian!"                                       Adrienne Rusk

"My agents referred me to Brian because his pictures pop with authenticity. Brian is as talented as I would want a headshot photographer.  I experienced his veritable enthusiasm toward getting my best self to come forward. From the first phone call to receiving the final images; I had fun, he made it easy to trust him, and got rid of anything less than great as he went along. Most importantly, I got a product that receives continued positive feedback from my agents, the casting community, as well as the buyers."                      Marshall McCabe


"After being in the business and doing over 150 commercials I've met with the best of headshot photographers.  Recently though I was having trouble finding one that was technically great but wasn't running an impersonal machine. I felt Brian really cared, was very personal and interested in exactly what my agent and I needed. He also makes it his business to keep his thumb on the pulse of current needs and trends in the casting world.  He's my go to guy now!"                         Stephanie Mello  


"I always thought I hated having my headshots taken. Brian proved me wrong! From start to finish Brian and his wonderful make-up artist, Shannon, made the process fun! Watching these two in their element is a complete joy and their creativity and enthusiasm is infectious. I really felt like I was a part of their team and we were all working towards a shared goal. Brian made me feel completely comfortable and his confidence in himself and knowledge of his craft allowed me to open up to the camera in ways I hadn't before. The pictures turned out better than I ever dreamed and I whole heartedly recommend Brian Parillo to any actor looking for the best headshot photographer in town! "                Carla Cackowski

"If you are ready for your closeup, Brian Parillo is the headshot photographer to shoot it for you! By far, one of the most detail oriented professionals to work with in Los Angeles. He really cares about not only representing his business to the highest standard but also about you as a person, as well as, the Actor. His work remains true to conveying your persona and he knows how to highlight your best attributes with great lighting and framing. He also knows how to add just enough accent of style pieces to give your look a special finish. I've worked with Brian twice and both times my agents & myself were highly satisfied with such clean, crisp, & classic photos! If you want headshots that generate working results, Brian Parillo is the real dealio! Thanks Brian!"                            TK Renee

"Brian Parillo is the best!  He was fantastic to work with!  He is an absolute perfectionist and takes a lot of time and care making sure everything looks just right!  I felt I was in very good hands.  And his makeup artist  was the bomb!  Beautiful, fresh, flawless makeup!  I highly recommend this top notch duo!"                        Heather Campbell

"I hate getting headshots. But Brian made the session fun and so effortless. He got me out of my head and my reps love the pictures. So happy I worked with him."                                                 Dan Gordon


"I love Brian! He provides such an easy going environment, has a great eye for detail and colors, and I haven't stopped booking commercials with the pics he shot. Plus, I love his makeup artist Shannon. Great team!"--Sandra Luesse

"Five stars aren't enough for Brian and his make-up artist, Shannon! They are the cream of the crop. A solid 10! You can't get more professional, talented, or nice. Brian knows lighting and color like nobody else and his makeup artist's work is flawless. The pictures actually look like me! Amazing, right??!! Frankly, I don't know how I'm going to pick which shots to use! And I can't wait to book another session with them!" Victoria Savage

"Shooting with Brian was amazing from beginning to end.  He has a great studio centrally located in Hollywood with tons of light.  His make-up artist was super friendly and extremely talented.  He has great taste and a specific vision so all the guess work for clothing and colors is out of your hands.  He has a very relaxed nature so it’s easy to be in front of his camera.  His make-up artist stays right by his side the entire shoot and constantly retouches every last details of your hair and make-up so you don’t have to worry about it.  He takes plenty of shots of each look, but keeps it moving so you are not exhausted before you are even half done.  He edits the pictures down and only sends you (several) choices of the best looks so you don’t have to spend time sorting through closed eyes, etc.  He does his own retouching so you don’t have to run around town.  He sends you finished copies internet ready within days of selecting your choices."  AMAZING!"                                     Jacy King

"Working with Brian was above and beyond my expectations. Actors are rather helpless without great head shots and Brian made our shoot a breeze from start to finish, while capturing a dynamic range of looks to pull from that truly encapsulated my essence as a whole. I simply could not be happier. Thanks again Brian, I can't wait to shoot again" -Jessica Rizo

"I’ve shot with Brian multiple times. He is a pro! He creates a warm environment that puts you at your ease. His uncanny eye for specificity allows him to captures the very heart and soul of his clients. I highly recommend him!"  Alexandria Cree

"Shooting with Brian was a totally awesome experience. He made me more comfortable than I have ever been with other photographers. With them I always worried in the back of my mind if I would get good pictures. That was not a worry with Brian."
Rhomeyn Johnson

"I am an actor living Los Angeles, and recently worked with Brian Parillo on new head shots.  I have to say that it was the best experience I have had in my six years working with various photographers.  Brian was incredibly professional and easy to work with.  As a person who is apprehensive about photo shoots, he made  the entire experience enjoyable.  If that wasn't good enough, his work is even better.  My photos came out fantastic and if I ever need updated ones I will return to him without question."                         Chase Malloy

"I had a fantastic time shooting with Brian and I have nothing but positive things to say about my experience from beginning to end. As an actress (stage and film) and opera singer, I had a variety of different looks I needed for my career and for specific projects. Brian was able to help me create and clarify all of my looks during our shoot.  He was thorough and detail oriented even before we met and I knew that that quality of meticulousness would carry through into the shoot, and it did. Once I arrived, he immediately went through all of my clothes and methodically paired the clothing choices with appropriate backdrops.  He has a vision and he knows his craft inside and out. Trust him. Brian and his make-up artist,  are an incredible team. Brian sees everything through his lens- in fact he noticed when ONE eyelash was out of place. He knows what will work and what will not and he finds ways to make magic. On top of all of that- Brian is incredibly affordable. Do not waste your money on anyone else!"                                                Kalean Ung

"Brian's eye for detail, beauty, composition, and an overall feel for a working headshot makes you pop in such a fresh, vibrant, and eye-catching way that it keeps agents happy and casting directors clicking on your thumbnail to bring you in for an audition. I shot with Brian a second time because his shot got me in so many doors that I landed two recurring roles during pilot season!  Shooting with Brian and his makeup girl Shannon was a peaceful, fun and collaborative setting with pricing that's actor friendly.  It's simply a smart career move."                       Talia Toms                       

"Working with Brian was such a great experience. He made me feel very comfortable and beautiful. I was nervous because it was my first time getting professional head shots done. Since I got my head shots done with Brian I have been able to book many commercials and comedy gigs! He is the best!"        Eileen Kallo

"Brian is a consummate professional photographer specializing in head shots that are vibrant, clean and totally relevant to the casting landscape in the US. He works with Shannon Mup who is a genius make up artist in such a wonderful collaborative way that the session is more like doing scene work on set. I felt immediately 'at home' working with these industry Pro's. Being detail oriented, Brian keeps the focus specific and 'real', and I learned a lot from him too - always a good day when that happens!. The results speak for themselves. 

Attention: Actors in the LA area needing head shots that will push your buttons in all the right ways and pull focus in the casting arena...book a session with Brian Parillo and his colleague, Shannon Mup." 
Jane Edwina Seymour

"Brian is phenomenal with getting amazing shots because he knows what actors need whilst bringing out the best in the studio with his ability to make one comfortable. Having done 2 sessions now and gotten excellent results with castings, the proof is in those results. You'll get what you need and enjoy the process with BP."       JR Reed

"Let's be honest, everyone hates getting new headshots, but it's one of the necessary evils all actors have to deal with. I can honestly say in 17 years of living in Los Angeles, not only are they the best headshots I've ever taken, but Brian is absolutely brilliant at making it as comfortable and carefree as possible . Before I knew it, I had four solid looks in the can and I was on my way. Can't recommend Brian enough, he's the best". --Shane Blades


"I have shot with Brian multiple times now and I, as well as my reps. have been beyond pleased with the results. Incredible shots that capture who I am and work for me over and over again. Comfortable environment, excellent eye for wardrobe/color, Shannon the stupendous make up and hair person... The list goes on and on. Cannot recommend enough. If you need new pictures that will wow them on a hard copyheadshot as well as on-line ,set up an appointment with Brian post haste!!"                  Mike Nelson

"Working with Brian was a breeze! His guidance leading up to the shoot was incredibly helpful and his easygoing personality made our shoot day light, relaxing and a lot of fun. Brain's talent and experience really does shine through in all of his work. I was lucky enough to find Brian through a friend's referral and wouldn't hesitate to do the same!"                                 Mathew Murumba

"Working with Brian Parillo was a real step up for me professionally.  He is so easy to work with, and has such a wonderful eye for detail - doing things from small angle adjustments to clipping clothes to make sure they look right to just being fun and a real partner in the process.  I’ve worked with many other photographers and he’s at the top of my list.  He also has the amazing Shannon Hughey doing make-up.  What an awesome team!"                       Traci Odom

"I am so happy to have finally found such a great photographer. Working with Brian was an extremely satisfying experience. Prior to the session, he was incredibly informative about what to prepare for the session. From the amazing makeup artist to the photo shoot itself, everything was smooth and professional. I was more at ease at this session than any other. Brian gave concise direction that made sense and captured some amazing shots. I will definitely be a returning when I need updates."                                       Hayden Hiebert

"Brian Parillo is an amazingly talented photographer. He has a keen eye, a refreshing personality, and a beautiful result. He takes time with each session on purpose, to maximize the quality of the shoot. I felt safe, comfortable and in good hands. He's absolutely fantastic!"  Cassie Townsend

"With a vast experience in commercial casting, Brian knows how to make you pop among the thousand of submissions on casting websites. He has a sharp eye for details and a good taste. The results are glowing and beautiful pictures that LOOK LIKE ME!! There are many hyped photographers in this town that may shoot beautiful glowing headshots, and I shot with many of them over the years, but the result did not represent the way I look nor my personality. From my experience, that's one of agent's and casting director's biggest concern with head shots. Brian was fun to shoot with, has great energy and knows exactly what works so it's effortless - I simply focused on my thoughts, enjoyed the music and communicated with him through the lens."           Inbal Annabelle Amirav