I truly love doing this. I've worked with actors for years, both as a casting director and as a photographer for the past decade. I'd say it's  a healthy obsession of mine where I thrive in the details of photographing faces. My process is fairly straight forward. I work extremely close with my hair and makeup people where I make sure that first and foremost your skin illuminates and your hair looks alive. I'm very hands on with this part of the process. There's a system in play with my people, that after several years of working together, has become very well manicured. We work as a team, honing in on your needs throughout the shoot. Once the arrangement of your hair and makeup are in place, then we work to capture you at your best within each given look. I work slowly and meticulously to ensure that we're accomplishing this. Images are previewed in a large scale format throughout the process, making sure we are on the same page as YOU.